May Activity Evening

Joydens Wood
Joydens Wood
Credit: Allison Page
Last updated: Fri 27 May 2022

Twelve orienteers turned up to this month's activity evening at Joydens Wood. The session this time was to be a MapRun Course with three to choose from: a Short Line course of 2.7km, a Long Line course of 4.5km and a Score course with 26 controls to try and get in an hour. MapRun is a form of orienteering where Smartphones are used for punching and timing, avoiding the need to put out flags and SI units, saving time and effort for organisers or in this case coaches!

This was the first time we had tried a MapRun in Joydens Wood and it seemed to work well for everyone. All the line courses were completed successfully with Andrew Evans leading the orienteers back on the Long course with a swift time of 37.46. JB was the leader back on the Score course, collecting 25 out of the 26 controls, in a time of 56.43, frustratingly close to getting all the controls. Well done to everyone who came along and completed a course! Results for all can be found at the links below:

Score Course

Long Course

Short Course