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This section of Dartford Orienteers website has been provided to assist you in introducing and developing orienteering in your school. It will be added to as new material is developed.… more


There is a wide variety of resouces available to support your school orienteering. This is just a selection of key resources to get you started. A search of the internet will provide many more.… more

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Mapped Areas

The MAP is central to the sport of orienteering. It contains a wealth of information and the more your pupils understand the better will be their orienteering skills.… more

Setting orienteering courses

There are 3 common types of courses that you will find useful when setting your first full course. The ‘cross country’ course is where the pupils follow a set course in numerical order. The second is … more

School Run

Two hundred years ago influential landscape artist Samuel Palmer described the Darent Valley as an 'earthly paradise'. Today he would still recognise the special qualities conveyed through his visiona… more