South East Individual League (SEIL) successes

Several club members have achieved podium positions over the SEIL 2018 calendar year as follows:

Sheralee Bailey 1st in W45
Naomi Drewitt 2nd in W40
Maxime Pesenti 2nd in M14
Ian Catchpole 2nd in M35
Vadim Pesenti 3rd in M10
David Dawson 3rd in M60

Congratulations everyone. The presentation of certificates is at 13:30 at The Llama Park next Sunday

End of Year Rankings

With the start of 2019 we can have a little look back at how klubb members have performed in 2018. The British Orienteering website contains details of the national ranking system and the Current Ranking list can be found under the ‘Go Orienteering’ drop-down list. Your individual results can be found in ‘MyAccount’ and in ‘My Results’.

DFOK has thirty six members listed in the national rankings and the top ten klubb performers over the last year at ranking events are as follows, together with their change in score over the twelve months:

1st Antoine Pesenti 196th 7658 (up from 7649)
2nd Sheralee Bailey 786th 7048 (up from 7022)
3rd David Lobley 799th 7032 (up from 7013)
4th Mark Collins 882nd 6968 (down from 7330)
5th Andrew Evans 915th 6951 (up from 6913)
6th Keith Bennett 930th 6932 (up from 6622)
7th David Dorling 980th 6900 (down from 7041)
8th Andrew Pitcher 1000th 6880 (up from 4551)
9th Neil Speers 1035th 6853 (down from 6913)
10th Rachel Collins 1193rd 6726 (down from 6936)

World Orienteering Championships in Latvia

The Orienteering Foundation, a registered charity, is supporting the GB team at this year's World Championships in Latvia 4th-11th August. The GB team get a little help from British Orienteering (entry fees and accreditation are paid for). Athletes have to fund everything else – travel and accommodation, transport to the races and so on; in addition many have travelled in advance to Latvia to join training camps set up by other nations. If you wish to support the team, please can you send a donation and a message to the team here. You can also follow the team On The Red Line.

Greater London Orienteering Summer Series 2018 (GLOSS)

Another exciting schedule of 5 Summer events in late June/July has been put together for the coveted prize of the London Bus trophy. This is a team event with the top 6 individual runners counting towards the club's total score. It is a handicap event based on your British Orienteering ranking points (or otherwise for those who do not have ranking points). This means that anyone can do well. In 2017, a DFOK club member won all but one of the 5 events after the handicap had been applied. The GLOSS 2018 flyer is here and there’s a GLOSS home page. See you there!


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