Christmas Challenge Results

The winners with the organiser
The winners with the organiser
Credit: Philip Craven
Last updated: Fri 12 Jan 2024

A big thank you to everyone who participated in the Christmas Challenge. Hopefully you all had fun and enjoyed the planning/intellectual challenge that was required before starting. Thanks, must also go to Andrew Evans for updating the map and setting the event up on MapRun, Philip Craven for his patience with the various website changes, Luke Bennett for the nice snowy picture and David Lefevre for acting as adjudicator. I enjoyed the challenge too, working out what type of “fun” loops I could make, creating a bonus system that meant all four quarters of the park needed to be visited and learning how to use the “look up” function in Excel.

In total there were 29 different carols, the most popular being “Away in A” (*7), “O Come All Ye” (*6) and “In the Bleak” (*5). There were also 13 unique carols (ie ones that were only used by one person - although I wonder if “Go Yell it on the Mountain” is a carol?) and the most carols anyone did was 6.

As planner (so I had an advantage), I managed to do seven carols, in the following order “Away In A”, “O Come All Ye”, “O Come O”, “Unto Us Is”, “I Sing”, “Il Est” and “I Saw A” which also got all the vowel and consonant bonus points – but I did have to run 11.71km to do this. Although David may argue whether these are carols, I think the best point/distance ratio was Vive le (Vent) and “We wish you a” had all the vowels to qualify for the vowel bonus.

Ten people attended the prize giving in the Richard I pub and Allison and Antoine each received a bottle of champagne as the woman and man scoring the most points.

If you have any questions, please drop me a line.

Happy New Year.

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