Launch of Junior Participation Scheme

Launch day
Launch day
Credit: Allison Page
Last updated: Mon 5 Feb 2024

This weekend saw the launch of DFOK’s junior participation scheme at the Buckmore Park KOL. Here DFOK juniors were handed out a passport in which they can start to log the events they go to. After reaching a certain number of attendances, they will then be rewarded with prizes ranging from a whistle to a DFOK buff. These will be awarded for participation in 2, 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 events.

The passport can also be used to check map and control description symbols and it introduces our juniors to the idea of race analysis. This is done through a fun post-race questionnaire. The whole scheme focusses on commitment and participation, and we are hoping that it encourages our juniors to attend more and more events. We certainly had positive feedback not only from our juniors but also our adult members who would also like to participate in the scheme!!