Grove Park KNC Notes

If anybody managed to lose a receipt for 'The Gallery' and would like it back please contact Neil Speers at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thanks to all who came to my first planned event at Grove Park.  It wasn't without its difficulties and apologies to all for the slightly late start.  This was caused by a couple of factors - there were new building works on one of the footpaths over the railway to the east of 64.  The path was open a couple of nights ago!  I spent some time investigating if the control could be re-sited, but in the end opted to remove it from the course.  This also meant that the northern route over the railway was no longer available and the only one to the west was now at Grove Park station.  After 20 minutes of investigating along that path and then returning to my car there had also been an accident on Baring Road  - shutting the road and causing a traffic jam at Grove Park which took me another 20 minutes to get through.  So, that left me with no time to get to registration before the start.  Sorry for that.

I wanted to utilise all the footpaths and woods in the area, and originally had all the controls "off road".  However, a couple of the parks are locked at night, so I had to move things around quite a bit.  We then mapped the area, and probably the street map format wasn't the best - it perhaps wasn't adequate to show woods, fields and where short cuts could and couldn't be taken.  It left too much to chance for people not knowing what a white space really was.  Perhaps a hybrid map would have been better.  I guess planning on OpenOrienteering and then transposing to a street map isn't the best.

I wanted to make the course a challenge for everyone and to make it pretty impossible for anyone to get all the controls in the hour.  I think the optimal route was about 14km, but there a quite a few contours in that, and to be fair I have looked at many different routes, and even after a few weeks I haven't worked out potentially the best route round!

I wanted a fair amount of route choice so decided early on to make the course with no obvious route round all the controls.  The southern wooded areas had more of a density of controls, and they were a bit more spaced out in the streets to the north.  Controls 60 to 61 I planned so there was a route choice - flatter to the north but hillier to the south.  Although there was the detour to 62 on the south as well...

In the end the winner got to 16 of the 19 controls, with a few minutes to spare, so I think I got the control distribution about right.

Hope you had an enjoyable run anyway,