Mapped AreasSchools and other group facilities mapped

Last updated: Sun 8 May 2022

The MAP is central to the sport of orienteering. It contains a wealth of information and the more your pupils understand the better will be their orienteering skills.

View all the mapped areas on this interactive map

Let’s have a look at the basics of an orienteering map. An orienteering map is made up of 5 colours: Black, Brown,Blue, Green and Yellow. See how these 5 colours make up the detail of the map on the map image of Shorne Woods.

Getting your own school mapped

Dartford Orienteers are able to survey and produce your school map at a nominal cost. The map is drawn up in special orienteering software, OCAD, and supplied to you in pdf format for printing and for use in the free course-setting software tool known as Purple Pen. Dartford Orienteers retains the OCAD file for future updating/amendments.

Once you have your school map, there is continued support from Dartford Orienteers to assist you in developing orienteering within your school.