Last updated: Fri 6 May 2022

There is a need for certain basic equipment to implement orienteering activities in your school. Below there are a number of links to the main suppliers.

Marker Kite
Marker Kite

This is a standard orienteering control marker which usually hangs on a garden cane or specially made support. You hang these at the control site marked on the map. However, there are various smaller ones and DIY sets available below.

Manual Pin Punch
Manual Pin Punch

This is a manual control punch with different shaped pin designs to record on a control card that you have visited the control and, in the correct order.

SPORTident schoolset
SPORTident schoolset

Orienteering has become electronic! Each control flag has a SI Unit on the top where you record your visit by inserting the ‘dibber’, as we call it, into the device. When you get to the finish you download the information and get a printout of your total time and time between each control. A Training set of this equipment is available from the supplier, SPORTident UK and used by a number of schools. Needless to say, the kids love it!

Equipment suppliers

Harvey Maps offer a wide variety of orienteering markers, punches, control cards etc.

CompassPoint Online offer a wide variety of orienteering markers, punches, control cards etc.

Schools marker

Permanent Orienteering Course markers

Sets of POC Plaques (25 orienteering markers in each) are held by Dartford Orienteers for schools to purchase. Price on request from

These squares are 75mm square, digitally printed in reverse on clear 2mm thick high impact thermo plastic, complete with fixing holes in the corners (the required 3mm fixing screws are not provided).

There are 2 templates which you can view and advise which you would prefer.


For further information, or enquires about ordering a set of markers, please contact