Street-O Activity Evening

Last updated: Thu 13 Jul 2023

For the final activity evening before the summer break, Geoff took us on a tour of the fire hydrants of Bexleyheath, the electricity substations of Welling and the memorial benches of Danson Park. His report follows:

There was a good turnout for the Street-O activity evening around Danson Park and the surrounding Welling streets. Starting and finishing at Bexleyheath Sports Club, runners had to score as many points as possible in an hour. The control sites were post boxes, fire hydrants, electricity substations or memorial benches in the park. Controls varied in value between 10 and 50 points so runners had to choose their routes to maximise their points but not be late back as there was a penalty of 25 points for each minute or part of a minute they returned after the hour.

Only Andrew and Dave Cave were late back but they incurred deductions of 50 and 75 points respectively.

Scores were:

On the same evening Plumstead Runners tackled the same course. They ran in pairs (so they didn't get lost) and were given their maps before the start to give them a chance to plan their route in advance. The three leading pairs scored 760, 630 and 580 points.