April Activity Evening

The spur at label F on the map
The spur at label F on the map
Credit: Allison Page
Last updated: Thu 27 Apr 2023

Nine DFOK members turned up to this month’s activity evening at Shorne Woods Country Park. Following on from March’s online activity evening on contours, Shorne was chosen as a good place to check out the features we had learnt about such as re-entrants and spurs.

Members had a choice of two MapRun courses using the permanent posts as controls: a long course of 4.2km and a short course of 2.6km. However, it was not as simple as just running around these courses. Various different-shaped spurs and re-entrants were marked on the map with letters on route for people to check out and work out what land feature they were. This proved challenging for some!!

Andrew Evans was fastest on the long course with a time of 42:03, however he got a couple of the spurs/re-entrants wrong! Philip Craven was second fastest with 56:03 and only got one wrong. In a surprising (and amusing!) turn of events, Antoine Pesenti came in last with a leg-aching 59:50 after completing the London Marathon on Sunday. On the short course, Colin Merry was the fastest with a time of 43:52 and that was after competing earlier in the day at Windmill Hill!! Well done to everyone who completed one of the courses and hopefully it will help them to recognise these landforms in the future. Results for both courses can be found at the links below:

Long Course Result

Short Course Result