Tips on using MapRun

Last updated: Sun 14 Apr 2024

To do a MapRun activity, print a map of the course of your choice from the DFOK website and load the MapRun App. Whilst there is a map on the App itself, it will often be a more simplified map than the maps from our website and hence using the map on the App is not recommended.


A) Before you leave home

• Visit the Apple Store or Google Play and download the MapRun7 App to your smart phone.

• Using the App does not use a lot of battery power but it makes sense to make sure your phone is fully charged before coming to an event.

• Download the App

• Make sure your 'Location Services' is turned on for when using the App. To do this on iphone go to 'Settings' then 'Privacy' where you will find 'Location Services' (Android phones may be slightly different).

• Click on Select Event/UK/ and the geographical folder specified in the instructions for each activity to download the event you want to run.

• Check it now shows under Select Event on the front screen of the App.

• Click on Go to Start, check that the map appears and that you can see where the Start and Finish are.

• Exit the App

Following the above steps means that you are able to use the App even if the MapRun server is undergoing maintenance at the time you want to run.

B) During the event

• Close other Apps

• Turn off notifications (otherwise you may get bleeps at the wrong time)

• Turn up your volume so that you can hear the phone beep. The phone does not need to be held in the hand; it can be strapped to your arm. It can also be kept out of sight e.g. in a bumbag but having the phone tucked away close to your body will reduce the ability to pick up GPS signals which could delay you at controls whilst GPS catches up with you!

• Switch off 'Auto-lock' for your screen. To do this on iphone go to 'Settings' then 'Display & Brightness' then switch 'Auto-Lock' to 'Never' (Android phones may be slightly different). For security reasons make sure you remember to change this back to your usual setting after the event!

• When you are ready to go, proceed to the start. When you click on Go to Start, the App should automatically pick up your Start. Your time will have commenced.

• The same will happen at every control. You will get a bleep/vibration to tell you that you have successfully collected the control. The App shows you what your last control number was so you can always check that your visit has been registered.

• If you are in the right place but do not get the bleep, pause for a few moments to allow the GPS signal to catch up with you

• If you get a Low Battery Charge message, do not accept the Low Power Mode option as GPS may then be turned off to conserve the remaining battery.

• You must go to the Finish at the end of your run. This is the double circle on the map. It will often be the same place as the Start. When your Finish presence is recognised, your result will be automatically uploaded to the Results website if you have WiFi access. If this does not happen, click on the menu top right in the App and select Upload (Manual). This should work but see below if you still do not appear in the results.

• If you prefer not to be showing in the Results website, you can run the event in Aeroplane Mode (you still get the bleeps) but the automatic upload at the finish will not be triggered.

C) After you have finished

Missing controls where you know you went close?

Occasionally you may find that the App does not record your visit to one or more controls. The results can be corrected by tapping the three-bars symbol on the upper right of the screen, this opens the menu. Tap "Review Results (HITMO)” which means Hey I Think the GPS Missed One! This displays your results showing credited controls in green and near-misses in red. There is also a Tolerance setting; the default setting for this function is 30m. Tick the check-box beside a near miss that you want to claim and increase the tolerance to 40 or 50m until that control is accepted (turns green). For a Score event, the Gross and Net score after any time penalty should increase accordingly. Tap "Submit revised result" at the bottom of the screen. The original result remains visible along with the Revised result which has Rev against it and the tolerance level that you set.

Can’t upload your results
We are aware of some instances where the Results cannot be uploaded because there is no recognised Start or Finish punch. All is not lost! If you have a GPS trace from your watch, download this in the computer portal that your watch uses to create a .gpx file. Go to the MapRun Console App on your computer and use the Search facility at the top to type in the first few letters of the event to locate it. Follow the rest of the questions adding your name, email, year of birth, gender and then click to upload your track. The App should calculate the points correctly. Check you appear in the results.