Roll of Honour (Trophies)

Last updated: Thu 19 Oct 2023

The Baker Cup is awarded for services to the Klubb. The winner is chosen by the previous winner of the trophy at the AGM.

The Eade Trophy is awarded for junior recognition and achievement during the year.

YearBaker CupEade Trophy
2023David LobleyJake Bennett
2022Tina BennettLuke Bennett
2021Allison Page
2020Dave Cave-Ayland
2019Andrew EvansLuke Bennett
2018David DawsonMaddie Pitcher
2017Keith ParkesMaxime Pesenti
2016Geoff GoodwinFynn Bearfoot
2015Allison Page
2014David Lefevre
2013Neil Speers
2012John Lewis
2011Philip Craven
2010Sean Cronin
2009David Cave-Ayland
2008Philip Basford
2007David Ware
2006Dylan Underhill
2005Chris Baker
2004Jack Richmond
2003Philip Basford
2002Andrew Evans
2001Kevin Willoughby
2000Clive Eiles
1999Hazel Hall
1998John & Leslie Kelly
1997Chris Baker
1996David Ware
1995Graham Hardy
1994Joanne Bamforth
1993Philip Basford
1992Neil Speers
1991John Blackgrove
1990David Ware
1989Andrew Gibson
1988Chris Baker