Kent Junior Orienteering Festival 2022

Last updated: Sat 10 Jun 2023

Hosted by DFOK at Darenth Country Park on 9th July 2022.

Table of medal winners:

White course

Year 1 and 2 girls
Gwen Ford
Isla Findlay
Aurora Iures
Year 1 and 2 boys
Thomas Ford
Ryan Atkins

Year 3 and 4 girls
Betty James

Year 3 and 4 boys
Theodore Grobel
James Bailey
Tenzin Dompo
Yellow course

Year 5 and 6 girls
Lily James
Skyla Robinson

Year 5 and 6 boys
Jake Bennett

Orange course

Year 7 and 8 girls

Year 7 and 8 boys
Noah Read
Lewis Walker

Light green course

Year 9+ girls
Madeleine Pitcher

Year 9+ boys
Luke Bennett
Ben Cronin
Toby Prior