Kent Junior Orienteering Festival

Last updated: Sat 10 Jun 2023

The Kent Junior Orienteering Festival (previously Kent Junior Orienteering Championships) is held annually during the summer. Its organisation is shared between the two orienteering clubs serving Kent, DFOK and SAXONS.


This is a junior only event in an area where juniors can feel confident orienteering on their own knowing that they are never too far from the start/finish. There will be adult helpers patrolling the area in distinctive vests, available to assist juniors should they need it. There will also be lots of prizes to be awarded after the event. The event is open to all juniors, including those from outside Kent.


There are 4 courses. In order to be competitive for the junior championship, the juniors must choose the correct course for their national curriculum (see table) or can run a longer course than that designated and will be competitive for medals on that course. There are separate prizes on the White Course for Years 1/2 and for years 3/4.

Shadowing is allowed, but the child will then not be eligible for the championship if the adult provides any assistance during the child's run. This is a great opportunity to allow the child to orienteer independently as the area is so small and contained, and there will be helpers patrolling the competition area. White and Yellow course competitors may view their map before the start.


Year 1/2

Year 1/2White
Year 3/4Year 3/4White
Year 5/6Year 5/6Yellow
Year 7/8Year 7/8Orange
Year 9 - 13Year 9 - 13Lt Green