Bexley Primary Schools Orienteering Championships 2018

This year’s Bexley Primary Schools Orienteering Championships took place at Danson Park on Tuesday 22 May 2018. Over 170 children took part from six local schools. The individual results from the morning can be found here and the afternoon results here. For the schools competition the results were:


1st Barnehurst Junior School – 896 points

2nd Barrington Primary School – 857 points

3rd Upland Primary School – 812 points


1st Birkbeck Primary School – 896 points

2nd Gravel Hill Primary School – 858 points

3rd Bedonwell Primary School – 811 points

Morning and Afternoon Winners Only Combined:

1st Overall - Birkbeck Primary School – 912 points

2nd Overall - Barnehurst Junior School – 898 points

Well done to all those that took part and in particular Birkbeck Primary School in winning the shield for this year. See you all again next year.

Club championships

Congratulations to the following winners of their class in the recent club championships at Blean:

Antoine Pesenti, Brown
Rachel Collins, Blue Women
Mark Collins, Blue Men
Allison Page, Green Women
Dave Cave-Ayland, Green Men
Maxine Pesenti, Orange
Vadim Pesenti, Yellow

Trophies were presented at the AGM on 2nd November.

Other presentations were:
- The League Cup to Mark Collins for scoring the most points for the club in the South East League events.
- The Eade Trophy for Junior Achievement during the year to Fynn Bearfoot
- The Baker Cup for their contribution to the club awarded by Allison Page to Geoff Goodwin

Planner's Comments

This was the first event I have planned and when I started it was going to be a small event with only two courses. Then SLOW asked us to move it to the city race weekend and so I had to do a lot more courses because of the number of entries. Luckily it was the school holidays so I had enough time.

I know the park really well as I often run round it and I have done some events and parkruns there before. Because the map is so detailed I was able to use individual trees for control sites which is useful in a sprint. I also wanted to try to make sure most routes took runners all around the park including to the area with the dinosaurs (which were built in the 1850s). I hope you enjoyed your run and I apologise that control 74 was on a feature that was not clearly mapped. Also I would like to congratulate the course winners especially Ben Windsor who was one of our coaches at the Deeside junior camp this summer.

Thanks to Andrew Evans for his advice and map updates, to Simon and Neil for their support, to my mum and dad for lifts to the park and to my brother Bertie for all his help on the day.

Angus Harrington

Crystal Palace Park Sprint Race Planner

Club Matters Video

Club matters is a Sport England funded organisation which aims to help sports clubs with their development. The club took up an opportunity to have a mentor from club matters to help us with our club development for 6 months during 2015. Club matters asked if we would be willing to record a short video for them to include on their club matters website.
I didn't know where to start but, as usual on publicity aspects, Phil Basford knew what to do and we recorded the following video which is now live on their website. The background noise from deciding to do an outdoors recording was a challenge. To view click here.

CompassSport newsletter award for Dartbord

We have just learned that our Dartbord newsletter was been given an award:

The following publications have been chosen for 2016 CompassSport Newsletter Awards. In alphabetical order: Berkshire Orienteers Newsletter (BKO, editor David Jukes), BOK News (BOK, editor Tommi Grover), Dartbord (DFOK, editor Sheralee Bailey), Deeside News (DEE, editor, Jane Mockford), The Droober (OD, editor Sue Hallett), Newstrack (DVO, editor Sal Chaffey), The Punch (SUFFOC, editor Lizzie Rosewell), Saxalert (SAX, editor Rowan Purkis), Score (SOA, editor Sheila Reynolds), The Southdowner (SO, editor Simon Thraves).

Congratulations to Sheralee and Phil for this achievement.


News and views from our junior members.