March MapRun Challenge

This month we visit Crystal Palace Park in London Borough of Bromley with its remnants of Victorian ideas of prehistory.  It is parkland orienteering with three course options on offer.  These activities will remain open for as long as necessary to give all club members an opportunity to participate given current stay local restrictions.


Start and Finish for all Line courses are in Crystal Palace Park just west of the car park on Crystal Palace Park Road.  All courses are entirely within the park but do cross roads used by traffic approaching parking areas and the sports centre.  Take care when crossing any road in the park.

Parking is free but can get very busy, especially at week-ends.  Thicket Road car park is about 500m from the start/finish, but is close to the toilets and cafe.  Train options include Crystal Palace station at 750m from the start and Penge West at about the same.  Penge East is 1.3km away.

There is no time limit for completing any of the Line courses.

There is a choice of three Line courses where the controls have to be taken in order.

Control descriptions are printed on each map using only text descriptions with embellishments. The control code is the same as the number of the control on the App.  We are not providing loose control descriptions.  The start (triangle) and finish (two circles) are separate for this event.

As all controls sites are within the park, with some off paths, these may take slightly longer to register but if you are sure you are in the right place, you can use either HITMO or upload your GPS track, each with an appropriate adjusted tolerance, when you get home if necessary as per the Guidance Notes.

To make this more challenging I recommend not looking at the map until you start.  This is practice for a real event which we should have again soon.

All are to exercise social distancing with club members and the general public as per government guidelines, e.g. give way to others.