We are organising a series of 8 activities using MapRun, a free App that enables you to run a course without any physical infrastructure being in place. Your route is recorded using the GPS locator within your mobile phone. You can run the courses at any time. The Challenges are designed to provide fitness and training.

Each Challenge operates for most of the month and closes at midnight on the last day of the month but the courses can continue to be run beyond that date. These Challenges is open to everyone and you do not have to be a member of an orienteering club to participate.

In the COVID-19 environment, the latest Government guidance on social distancing and any travel restrictions must be observed. Bear in mind that the areas are open to the general public so please ensure you respect their rights of access to the area and leave plenty fo space around where they are. This series of challenges are individual activities. You participate at your own risk and are not covered by British Orienteering insurance. You are responsible for your own safety and the safety of others around you.

Results will be available shortly after each Challenge closes. Points will be awarded as follows: 50 for first place, 48 for second, 46 for third and then 45, 44 etc. Your best 5 points scores from the 8 Challenges will count towards your total for the series.

There is detailed guidance on how to load and use the App. Click here

Challenge Area Courses Leaderboard Comments
September 2020 Jeskyns Community Woodland Jeskyns Short DFOK PXAC

Jeskyns Long DFOK PXAC

Both Challenges are in the UK/Kent/Gravesend folder   
  A choice of 2 line courses entirely within the Community Woodland
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