Where: Swanley. Start and Finish in Swanley Park near the car park below. Swanley Park is a largely undiscovered lovely area with a beautiful avenue of lime trees, toilets, outdoor cafe, lido, motor boats and a miniature steam railway covering an extensive area.

Parking: The Birches car park is less than 100m from the start/finish. Nearest post code BR8 7YL. Parking is £1 for up to 2 hours and £3 for all day. The car park uses the Automatic Number Plate Recognition system for checking vehicles and is operated using the Phone and Pay system (no coins). It is easiest to register your car and credit card details on the Phone and Pay website at home. It is then quick at the car park to buy the time you need. The car park code is 4871.
If you forget to do this, you can register by mobile phone at the car park but there are a lot of things to enter and check so allow up to 10 minutes to complete the whole process including buying the parking you need.
If this proves too tortuous, you may get lucky parking for free on a nearby street.

When: At any time you choose.

We have a course suitable for everyone, including Juniors, entirely within Swanley Park.

Score event in Swanley

A 60 minute score event.
Print the map of the course. This is an Open Orienteering Street O map.
Download the App MapRunF to your mobile phone then within the App, go to UK, then Kent and select Dartford and the event called Swanley Score. Once done, press Go to Start (triangle) and the map should appear. Click here for Guidance on how to use the App.
There are 30 controls of 20 points each. There is a penalty of 10 points for each minute or part of a minute late back. CDs are on the map and loose CDs are here. The finish (two circles) is close to the start but is not at the same place.
Contours on the map are at 10m intervals.

Line course entirely within Swanley Park

A line course with 14 controls so the controls must be taken in order. This course has the same start and finish.
Print the map of the course. This is an Open Orienteering Street O map which has been updated for the changes to the paths. CDs are on the map and loose CDs are here

The course crosses a narrow road with infrequent and generally slow moving traffic just north of the lido. Take particular care crossing this road. This takes you into a lovely area with an avenue of lime trees. The route back into the main part of the park is the same route you will take to access this area i.e. you return almost to control 10 before heading west. This is because the path adjacent to the cafe can be very busy and where it is difficult to apply social distancing when moving at speed, hence it is marked as out of bounds in fairness to all competitors.

In line with current Government guidance, members are to complete these courses alone, within a household group, or with one person from outside their household and ensure social distancing is maintained at all times.
The Score event crosses roads hence must not be attempted by anyone under the age of 16, even if they would be accompanied by an adult.
As with all street orienteering events please take care crossing roads. There are many suitable crossing points on all the major roads in the area.
Be respectful of others as the map includes a small part of the pedestrianised shopping area. This Challenge is not an organised event or activity, so it is not registered with British Orienteering and you are not covered by British Orienteering's insurance. You do the Challenge as an individual for personal training and you are responsible for both your own safety and the safety of others around you.

Questions: please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Problems identified: please also email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  I do hope that you enjoy this challenge. Any feedback would be welcome to the above email.

Enjoy your run!
Andrew Evans