Calendar 2019


Date Event Type Venue Organiser Planner Controller
Sun 13th Jan Regional - Level B Chelwood Andrew Evans David and Julie Lobley Susan Crickmore (SO)
Thu 17th Jan Local - KNC Leybourne and Leybourne Lakes Julie and Hayley Collins Julie and Hayley Collins Neil Speers*
Sat 2nd Feb
Klubb - Coaching Day Ightham Allison Page Allison Page  
Sat 16th Feb Local - KOL Beacon Wood Geoff Goodwin Geoff Goodwin David Dawson*
Thu 21st Feb Local - KNC Shooters Hill Geoff Goodwin Geoff Goodwin Neil Speers*
Sat 2nd Mar Local - NWK Danson Park Colin and Rosie Merry Colin and Rosie Merry Chris Baker*
Mon 18th Mar Teach Orienteering Part 1 Woodland Farm Trust Andrew Evans Josh Jenner  
Thu 21st Mar Local - KNC Brasted Chart Neil Speers Neil Speers Andrew Evans*
Sun 24th Mar Local - Level C Balcombe Neil Speers David Dawson Les Hooper (SO)
Sat 6th Apr Local - NWK Foots Cray Meadows Andrew Evans Andrew Evans Chris Baker*
Sat 27th Apr Local - KOL Lullingstone Country Park David Collier David Collier David Dawson*
Sun 28th Apr London Marathon Woolwich Neil Speers    
Sat 11th May Local - NWK Shooters Hill Maxime Pesenti Antoine Pesenti Chris Baker*
Tue 21st May Local - Park Race Danson Park Andrew Evans Andrew Evans David Dawson
Sat 1st Jun Local - NWK Joyden's Wood Allison Page Allison Page Chris Baker*
Sat 15th Jun Local - Kent Junior Orienteering Festival Foots Cray Meadows Andrew Evans Andrew Evans Neil Speers*
Sat 29th Jun Local - KOL Jeskyns Community Woodland Andrew and Maddy Pitcher Andrew and Maddy Pitcher David Dawson*
Sat 6th Jul Local - NWK Jubilee Park Neil Gemmell Neil Gemmell Chris Baker*
Tue 9th Jul Local - Park Race Lloyd Park Roman Bednarz Roman Bednarz David Dawson
Sat 13th Jul Local - Bike Event West Kent Downs Andrew Evans    
Sun 22nd Sep London City Race Weekend Greenwich Park Andrew Evans Geoff Goodwin Mike Solomon (SAX)
Sun 29th Sep Klubb Championships Thorndon South HAVOC Event    
Thu 3rd Oct
Local - KNC Foots Cray Meadows Dave Cave-Ayland Dave Cave-Ayland Neil Speers*
Sat 5th Oct
Local - KOL Shorne Country Park      
Wed 16th Oct Klubb AGM TBC      
Thu 7th Nov
Local - KNC Joydens Wood Mark and Julie Collins Mark and Julie Collins Neil Speers*
Sat 16th Nov Local - KOL Brasted Chart David and Julie Lobley David and Julie Lobley David Dawson*
Sat 23rd Nov Regional - SE Night Championships Squerryes Estate   Neil Speers  
Thu 5th Dec Local - KNC Allington Street-O Neil Speers Neil Speers Andrew Evans*

* primarily for risk assessment purposes