Planner's Comments

This was the first event I have planned and when I started it was going to be a small event with only two courses. Then SLOW asked us to move it to the city race weekend and so I had to do a lot more courses because of the number of entries. Luckily it was the school holidays so I had enough time.

I know the park really well as I often run round it and I have done some events and parkruns there before. Because the map is so detailed I was able to use individual trees for control sites which is useful in a sprint. I also wanted to try to make sure most routes took runners all around the park including to the area with the dinosaurs (which were built in the 1850s). I hope you enjoyed your run and I apologise that control 74 was on a feature that was not clearly mapped. Also I would like to congratulate the course winners especially Ben Windsor who was one of our coaches at the Deeside junior camp this summer.

Thanks to Andrew Evans for his advice and map updates, to Simon and Neil for their support, to my mum and dad for lifts to the park and to my brother Bertie for all his help on the day.

Angus Harrington

Crystal Palace Park Sprint Race Planner