Klubb Championships 2021
Epping Forest South West
Sunday, 26th September

This year's DFOK Klubb Championships will be held at the HAVOC Level B Event at Epping Forest South West (incorporating the EAOA champs) on Sunday 26th September. Entry details will be added when available.

If you want to enter the Klubb Champs, make sure you enter the appropriate course. There's a table below where you can see your category. If you want to have a run, but not to enter the Klubb Champs, that's no problem - it's a level B event with a full range of colour coded courses so just enter whatever course you want.

Everyone is welcome. There are no pre-required standards or anything like that and there are a number of different categories. If you're new to the BOF age class system and are in any doubt feel free to ask. The emphasis for the day will be for everyone to have a fun day out!

The categories are:

1 M20, M21, M35 and M40 Brown
2 W20, W21, W35, M18, M45, M50 and M55 Blue
3 W18, W40+ and M60+ Green
4 M75+, W65+ Short Green
5 M/W16 Light Green
6 M/W14- Orange
7 M/W12- Yellow


There are engraved commemorative shields awarded to the winners (male and female) in each category in the Klubb Champs - these will be presented at the AGM in October.