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Your DFOK eNewsletter - Autumn 2014

Samuel Palmer’s Earthly Paradise The Darent Valley Landscape Partnership Scheme

Dear DVLPS partner

You may be aware that it is at this time of year that the Heritage Lottery Fund Board of Trustees meet to make their annual decision on which Landscape Partnership Schemes to fund.  The board met last Tuesday, and I am very pleased to tell you that the Darent Valley Landscape Partnership was successful in getting a stage 1 pass.  This means that we have been allocated a grant of 2.3m and now have an 18 month period to develop the detail of the scheme and secure match funding.  This is obviously great news for the landscape of the Darent Valley and I would like to thank you for all your help and support in developing the scheme

Rick Bayne
Landscape Partnerships Manager
Kent Downs AONB
November 2014

This is a significant undertaking for the klubb but some preparations are already underway. I will be involved in some photographic areas and helping to develop learning materials for the schools. In terms of mapping schools, Rachel Collins has been learning OCAD and school mapping and will be attending an OCAD course in the New Year. I will keep you up to date as the project develops over the coming months.

With the agreement of the Chair, I have been working with Kent Downs AONB for over 18 months on this klubb project and we have become agreed partners. There are, of course, a large number of partners in the valley, and DFOK’s role will be:

5C. Reading the Landscape
Led by our partner, the Dartford Orienteering Klubb, the project will enable a better understanding and reading of landscape form, and a route to exploring new areas.

We will:
Provide mapping workshops and exercises in the school grounds to enable children to read the immediate landscape and learn how to use maps.
Provide opportunities to schools outside the scheme area to use the many existing 'permanent' orienteering courses at heritage sites to provide challenging tests for navigation skills.
Map new sites (supplemented by LiDAR) to provide new permanent course.
Create specially designed heritage orienteering courses and events for families.
Create new heritage ‘geocaches’ as a stepping stone to deeper independent exploration in the valley.
This project will be volunteer led with a strong emphasis of understanding the landscape and enjoying its qualities and heritage.

Darent Valley LPS Map copy1
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