When you have your school orienteering map you will need to draw up a number of courses and exercises on the base map.

This is easiest done by using a piece of free software called Purple Pen which can be downloaded from:   http://purplepen.golde.org/

Purple Pen requires you to have a copy of your map installed as a background map and the pdf file of your map is compatible.

Below there are links to three videos to help you get to grips with Purple Pen.

Part 1 - Covers setting up your pdf file in Purple Pen
Part 2 - Covers setting up your school POC in Purple Pen
Part 3 - Covers setting up courses in Purple Pen.

These videos have been produced quite quickly as many schools are now using Purple Pen and they will be ‘refined’ over the coming months.


Using Purple Pen


When using Purple Pen it automatically sets up the basic control description sheet on the left of the screen. When you have placed all your controls you will need to complete the description boxes. These boxes are completed by using the inbuilt International Orienteering Federation (IOF) Symbols. These are necessary so that wherever you orienteer in the world the symbols are the same and therefore the map easily understood.

When you place the control description box on your map you can have it displayed in symbol format, text format or both for your pupils to understand.

For more detailed information on IOF Symbols click on the box on the right.

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Orienteering in Your School


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